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Michele Brown, 45
Mother of two, technical writer
Michele endured unbearable pain for over 15 years during which time she suffered many bowel obstructions due to adhesions and underwent 13 abdominal surgeries, including hysterectomy. Michelle was also diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia.

Using PainShield MD, Michele was able to reduce her painful constipation (from one movement every two weeks to one every day) as well as pain during bowel movement. The number of times she urinated daily was reduced from 70 to 15, with much fewer painful urination episodes. Michele's overall pelvic pain was reduced, as well as her use of pain [opioids] and nausea medications, which was costing her several hundreds of dollars a month in out-of pocket costs. Because Michele is in less pain, she sleeps much better and can be more active which has allowed her to lose 36 lbs since using PainShield MD.

Michele says, “I feel so much better. I've got so much more energy. I haven’t felt this good in 15 years.” (2012)

Melinda Mansfield, 46

Regional Sales Manager
Houston, TX
I purchased the Painshield MD after trying just about everything there is out there for Interstitial Cystitis. I have had several hydrodistentions with limited success and an experimental Stem Cell Treatment almost 60 days ago. I have also had Instillations, Elmiron, Hydroxyzine and every other medication available. I could get no relief for the past two years. I was in a very dark place with the fear of losing my career, and not being capable as a wife and mother. The painshield began to cut the pain in a matter of days of starting to use. It may be aiding the stem cells (I will never know) heal my bladder but as for where I am right now, it is night and day. I take opiates sparingly only after I have an instillation that will cause a flair. It is no longer a daily practice. The chronic burning and razor blade pain in my bladder and urethra are not 100% gone but very manageable. I have begun to enjoy life again. I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from this awful condition. I am 46 years old. Diagnosed in early 20’s but have been in remission until 2 years ago…when it became an uncontrollable pain situation. (8/30/15)

Sue Bennett, 53

Appraiser, Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, MN

I have suffered from Lichen Sclerosis, pelvic and bladder pain for over 15 years. Pain meds are not an option for my career or lifestyle. Pain determines how much work I can do, so it is important to get relief without Meds.

Dr David Wiseman introduced me to the PainShield. Before the PainShield , I really suffered and had to spend my off work time in bed recuperating. After the PainShield, I recover from my pain flares rapidly.

I travel allot and the PainShield is easy to use in the car on long drives. I also take it on all my out of town trips.

The device is compact and easy to apply, I prefer using sport tape as opposed to the gel adhesive. I can also do house work while it’s on.

Not only does it work for my pelvic and bladder pain, it also helps with carp tunnel pain, stiff necks and work related sprains and strains. (1/5/13)

Harold Gopin, 60

Contractor, retired due to disability
Jerusalem, Israel
Dear Dr. Wiseman: When I first purchased the KevMed Pain Shield, I was skeptical about whether it would actually work in relieving my back pain. I can honestly say that over the last number of months I can only recommend this appliance wholeheartedly.
I have suffered with debilitating back pain for over 10 years due to work related injury and have had three operations on my neck, including fusions. I have chronic and severe abdominal pain and have had at least five abdominal surgeries for bowel obstruction due to adhesions stemming from an appendix operation many years ago.
I have been taking opioids and other prescription pain medications but only sometimes do they take the edge off the pain. Of course they make me constipated which makes the abdominal pain even worse. Because of the constipation, going to the bathroom is extremely painful.
I place PainShield MD in the lower back area and also in the appendix area. I've cut down on my meds/narcotics tremendously and the pain level in my spinal cord has been reduced. My abdominal pain is much reduced and because I can cut down my narcotics, I can visit the bathroom more regularly, with much less pain.
Unfortunately, I can't say it takes away all my pain, for example in my legs, but considering the pain levels I was experiencing, this appliance has reduced the spinal and abdominal pain immensely and I am a lot more comfortable during the day, allowing me to read and study.
I've learned now to use the Pain Shield MD at night so I can get a comfortable night's sleep (which until this point I would not get a full night's sleep), and as we all know sleep has an important place in one's overall health.
I thank God that I was able to learn about this product and that I was able to use it. Thank you again for this wonderful machine and with God's help your company will be able to help many others.
Sincerely, Harold Gopin  (1/7/14)

Joe, 50

Carrollton, TX

I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis 11 years ago after going through months of increasing bladder pain and frequency of urination. Over the last 11 years, urologists have performed many tests and procedures which have cost me thousands of dollars and my insurance 10's of thousands. Despite trying different medications and procedures such as instillations and bladder distension, my pain continued to increase to the point that I was spending the majority of my day managing my pain. I was told that I need to relax the muscles in my pelvic floor... easier said then done when you have chronic pain. I tried several therapists before I found one that referred me to KevMed. I have been using the PainShield for 7 months now, and my daily pain levels have decreased dramatically. I am now able to actually relax! My flare-ups have reduced from several times daily (with occasional all day events) to occasional flare ups that respond quickly to the PainShield treatments. An additional benefit/indicator of my pelvic floor relaxing is that my bowel movements have become much more regular. I believe that this is reducing pressure on my bladder thereby helping prevent flare ups. I still take some medication, and I have pelvic floor exercises to do, but the PainShield has reversed the tide and I haven't been this pain free in over 7 years. (2/6/2014)
Tami Ellis, 38

Nanny to two young children
Tami has suffered with urinary issues since she was a child and can remember from the age of 13 frequent episodes of bladder pain and urinary tract infections (UTIs). After seeing five urologists, she was finally diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis at the age of 26. Tami suffers from "Flare-Ups" every 3 to 18 months, which she describes as unrelenting sharp and burning pain, as if razor blades were cutting into her bladder. During the few days to six weeks of a flare-up, all Tami wants to do is curl up in a ball.

Now, when Tami senses the beginning of a flare-up, she places the PainShield MD over her sacral bone and within about 30 minutes, the flare-up starts to subside. PainShield has reduced the number and intensity of flare-ups, as well as the pain on urination. Tami does not feel the need to take a trip to the doctor for a UTI test, which overall would cost about $300, nor does she need to increase her dose of Urelle or use Percocet, thereby reducing her medication expense.

Tami remarks, “I have my life back during flare-ups.”

Michael Meighan MD, 60

Family physician, FL
My name is Michael Meighan M.D. I am a 60 y.o. divorced Family Physician with three beautiful daughters.
I finally diagnosed my pelvic pain and interstitial cystitis two years ago after 20 yrs of escalating agony and frustrating doctors visits without a diagnosis and many many different medicines without improvement. The diagnosis was confirmed by a urologist I saw at the recommendation of my Pelvic Pain Physical Therapist.
My pain is in my sacral, perineal, genital and bladder areas. All of my activities have been curtailed until I acquired my PainShield three months ago. I have been able to reduce my Naproxen, Tylenol to half and stop all groggy producing medication. Not only do I save money on medication I rarely see a physician and don't have those nasty side effects from medication as before.I am able to resume most activities with many rare flare-ups in pain. Only rarely do I have pain that requires Pain Shield I now only use at night 3-4 time a week and occasionally during the day. Have also been able to decrease the frequency that I see my physical therapist and no need to see my physician other than for those yearly check-ups.
PainShield MD has been the blessing I have been looking for!!!

Ellen F
(pseudonym), 44


I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis back in the late 1990s through emergency surgery for a ruptured ovarian cyst.  When I underwent surgery, the surgeons tried to remove as much of the endometriosis as possible. However, due to the severity of my disease, they were not able to remove all of the lesions and, regrettably, the pain returned with a vengeance.

In 2011, I found out I had another cyst on the verge of rupture, so I had another surgery to try and treat the cyst. This time, the doctors found adenomyosis and that endometriosis was covering my reproductive organs so severely that the surgeons had to perform a total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral oophorectomy.

Although I wasn't thrilled with the fact that I had been thrown into instant menopause, I at least held out hope that by removing all of my female organs the pelvic pain would be a thing of the past. After about a year post-op however, I started having pelvic pain again, in addition to lower back pain and the appearance of urinary bladder pain. After several consultations, the doctors felt that I may be suffering from adhesions as a result of the surgeries.

This past autumn, I decided to travel to Central America to study Spanish with native speakers for several months. However, I was worried about the trip and the duration of the five hour classes each day because I find that if I sit for long periods of time, the pelvic, bladder, and lower back pain becomes intolerable. I came across the PainShield prior to my travels on the internet and, with my doctor's blessing, I decided to give it a try.

I carried my device in my carry on bag through security and customs with no problems. I used it every afternoon after my classes to keep the pain from becoming debilitating. It really helped me to either keep the pain to a minor ache or to keep the pain from bothering me at all. Also, it helped me to reduce my use of ibuprofen on the trip, as I don't like to take too much pain medication. Without the PainShield, I probably couldn't have made the trip or I would have had to cut my trip short. Gracias KevMed and the PainShield! (1/5/13)

Elizabeth Jablonski, 46

Oil field tools buyer

Elizabeth has been in pain for over 30 years. She has pelvic adhesive disease and was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age 30. Elizabeth has had eight major surgeries, including a hysterectomy, colectomy and an ileostomy.
Elizabeth says, "The device put some light in the darkest time of my life. The PainShield reduced my pain up to 80% at times. With no way to describe to someone who does not suffer from extreme chronic pain, all I can honestly say is that PainShield is nothing short of a miracle. It has reduced my bowel pain, my pelvic pain and my bladder pain. I can live my life now. My husband is also pleased because it has significantly reduced my sexual pain, and I can be a normal woman. I have reduced the amount and cost of my pain medications, and my pain is reduced drastically so that I am able once again to sleep through a full night.

Intestinal blockages are my number one battle, and PainShield causes my intestinal system to function with an even steady movement as much as possible, which reduces my pain and the need for me to take pain medications that would make my intestinal function worse." (2012)

Tracy J, 49

IT project manager

Tracy has been an endometriosis patient for over 30 years, and has had more than 15 surgeries for adhesions and endometriosis, including a hysterectomy. She has also been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Tracy notes, “When my
SI joint gets bad, usually every day, I just can't move without excruciating pain. PainShield MD makes this pain hardly noticeable. I can get on with my day and move around without taking acetaminophen, ibuprofen or anything stronger such as opioids. PainShield also helped with reducing overall pelvic pain from years of adhesions and endometriosis surgeries so that I barely notice it is there.”

Helen A, 47

Bookkeeper, mother of one

Helen writes: "I have been suffering with SIJD (sacroiliac joint dysfunction) and biceps tendinitis for about two years now. I got the PainShield in November (2012) and it has helped a lot in getting muscles to stop spasming and reducing the pain. I mostly placed on my buttocks on whatever muscle was spasming the most. I now mostly place it all around my shoulder to help stop those muscles from spasming. It is a relief to have something passive that helps and something I can wear out of the house. I hardly ever need to place it on my buttocks anymore. I ended up purchasing two units since I have so many problem areas.

I also placed it on areas that I recently had prolozone injections in (injections to tighten ligaments) as deep heat helps in the healing process of lax ligaments.

I believe the PainShield device has helped me get to a point where I can successfully do the physical therapy exercises I need to do to strengthen the appropriate muscles. I can now sit which enables me to get out of the house and is helping me get my social life back.

I think this is a tool that anyone who has muscle spasms or is undergoing either prolotherapy or prolozone could benefit from." (4/22/13)

Kathy Smith (pseudonym), 36

Teacher (retired due to disability), Missouri

Kathy has had pelvic pain for about 18 years including: bladder pain, dysuria (pain with urination), dyspareunia (pain with intercourse) pelvic floor and joint dysfunction, pudendal neuralgia, obturator neuralgia, vaginal pain due to nerve damage and nerve damage in the left leg and peripheral pain in both legs and feet. Kathy notes:

I place my Painshield MD on my sacrum as soon as I wake in the morning and wear it the full 6 hours. Before PainShield MD within 1 minute of standing up a painful burning sensation would flare in my lower back, pelvis and thighs. I started using the PainShield MD two months ago, and my morning flare up is taking longer and longer to happen. Currently, about 1 hour passes before the burning begins. I have less pain with: intercourse, urination, bowel movements, standing and walking. As a result of using the PainShield MD I can now sleep better, enjoy intercourse more often and frequency and urgency with urination is minimized so I may focus on my life without running to the restroom every hour. I am also taking 15mg LESS of Oxycodone daily so less opioids are in my system.

After charging my Painshield MD I place it back on my sacrum for another 6 hours starting in the evening. Since the Painshield MD is thin, I’m able to wear it under my clothing. Painshield MD may be used on many parts of the body and is even safe to use on the face for TMJ symptoms. This is important because many with chronic pelvic pain also have TMJ pain, including myself.

Dr. David Wiseman, is extremely helpful so don’t be shy about calling or emailing him with questions and concerns."

Continues Kathy: “So excited to share my portable, ultrasound therapy patch that has helped so much with my pelvic pain…. Your ultrasound unit is AMAZING! I wear it daily and recommend it to everyone I see. Thanks for your dedication. (04/29/13)

Diana (pseudonym), 57

Knitter, Writer, Dog Walker, Illinois
“I have been using PainShield MD device for two months and am happy to report that I have experienced a marked reduction in pain during treatment and a slight overall reduction in pain while not using the device and that relief is increasing with time. I place the device as close to the point of pain, as the instructions state, (for me – lower right quadrant of abdomen) or on the small of my back for general relaxation and to relieve stress from the day.

A few of my Doctors have suggested that I have nerve trapped in scar tissue from one of the many surgeries that I have had, I have a large scar across my lower abdomen and the (previously) unremitting pain has been centered on one side of that scar for many, many years. I have also experienced pain in my abdomen with bloating and difficulty digesting because of adhesions pulling intestines and kinking the sigmoid colon, in particular, and general malaise and fatigue from coping with pain, pain, pain, 24/7 for so long. I had endometriosis and multiple surgeries to reduce/remove endometrial sites and adhesions. I am now menopausal and no longer suffer from the disease, but have had chronic pain from the adhesions for 30 years. I have used pain medication in the past, but find that it doesn’t work well for me and don’t like the deteriorating side effects, so I have chosen to use other methods for pain management. (Rest, meditation, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Naprapathy, Homeopathy, massage, nutrition)

After about a month of treatment with the PainShield MD, I purchased a second unit so that I could have continuous treatment as I found myself spending too much time deciding whether to have relief during the day or while I slept. I am sleeping better than I have in years! I used to average 4 ½ hours a night of sleep, and now I average 7 – 8 hours! That in itself is amazing. It is wonderful to be able to stay asleep and not have pain jolt me awake. I have more energy during the day and find that I can concentrate on things better now that my mind is not so busy dealing with constant pain. I have saved money on modalities that my insurance does not cover that help maintain my health by using the PainShield MD© device and don’t need the others as often. I would recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from chronic pelvic adhesive pain and is looking for relief that has no negative side effects and is cost effective compared to other treatments.”(05/07/13)

Ann, 51, Georgia, USA

I am a 51 year old female who has being dealing with my adhesions for over 20 years. I think it important that anyone looking into the PainShield MD know what kind of symptoms I have so they may be able to relate, or not….My “condition” is due to genetics and too many GYN surgeries. When I had my hysterectomy my intestines fell into my pelvic cavity which isn’t rare but my intestines then stuck to themselves and my pelvic and abdominal walls. After years of doctors I was properly diagnosed and have had three surgeries necessary to remove the adhesions, the first time because I could no longer eat solid foods-you don’t want details, the second time was due to a total bowel obstruction followed with a bowel resection and the third due to extreme weight loss and my electrolytes were terribly off and all diagnostic test showed nothing wrong. When the surgeon got in I had extreme and dense adhesions: pelvic and abdominal.

Since my last surgery in 2009 I have been on multiple medications such as Neurontin and Ultram but nothing stronger due to poor GI motility. I do have pelvic and abdominal chronic pain and had to deal with constipation every day of my life but not anymore. It was a revelation to me after three days of using the PainShield MD I realized I was getting up every morning and having a bowel movement ! That may not sound like much to some but it was a first for me in twenty years!

During the first two weeks or so of use I had a lot of “tugging and pulling” internally but I assume that was my intestines trying to function “normally”, most of that sensation has gone. This change in bowel habits alleviated some of the pain in my pelvic cavity. I have been using the Pain Shield MD for about 6 weeks and I believe I have found a regime that works for me in reducing some more of the pain and am going to try reducing my Ultram slowly with my Doctor’s knowledge and consent,and see how far I can get. I “experimented” with the use of the PainShield MD regarding location, duration and association with meals and it took some time but I think I have found the best method for me. Unfortunately I have found the PainShieldMD only effective while on but hope for some residual relief if my intestines can learn to work more properly. I found using the adhesive patch a bit cumbersome and prefer to affix it with sports tape instead, allowing me to move the patch around more easily.

If someone asked me if they should give PainShield MD a try due to years of chronic pain remotely similar to mine I would say yes, I couldn’t imagine not giving something a try that may give relief; regret is a terrible thing. Ann / Georgia, USA

KevMed notes: Thank you Ann for your feedback. Your suggestions for improvement are very important to us. Regarding the adhesive, we now have available the same patches without adhesive which, by using medical tape (for example the paper kind) you will be able to apply and find it much easier to move into different positions, as well as secure to your satisfaction. Because there is no adhesive to get "gooey", the effective patch life is likely to be longer. The other piece of good news is that these patches cost $2 less. We are also working on a new kind of adhesive. (07/10/13)
Dawn, Aurora CO

49 year mother of four, grandmother of
four (at the moment)

Insurance salesperson, retired due to disability

This is me and my grandson at the Rockies game. A good day.

KevMed notes: This special photo really exemplifies our ideal of "Living beyond the pain."
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my PainShield. I have been meaning to write this note for a few months but have gotten so busy with living my life that I have not had the time. Just being able to say those words is a miracle. I have suffered for over ten years with pain related to adhesions likely caused by a burst appendix, operations for ovarian cysts, gall bladder removal, bladder prolapse surgery and hysterectomy. I have had to deal with bladder pain, pelvic pain and lower back pain (probably due to the adhesions wrapped around my kidneys). I have been dealing with this pain for around 14 years and finally got the diagnosis of adhesions 10 years ago. Before I received my miracle machine, I spent the majority of my day lying down.

I have had my PainShield MD since December 2012 and usually place it on my lower abdomen. I move it around based upon where the pain is located. I really like the flexibility of being able to place it where I need it most. The past month I have been able to join my husband while he works. He is a land surveyor and spends quite a bit of time outside. It is a very physical job and while I can in no way do the things he does, I am able to walk around job sites without stopping to take breaks (from pain), or take medication every 2 hours, or even quit after a short period of time. This is what I have had to do in the past so this is such a treat for me. I have missed being able to do things for my family. They are wonderful and have made concessions so that I will not have to do the day to day things in our home. They assure me that they do not feel the way I do, but I fell like I am letting everyone down. Only someone who has been unable to work understands how awesome it is to be able to actually contribute to your family.

Since I have been dealing with this disease for over 10 years now, I have resigned myself to the fact that there simply are things I will never be able to do again. Luckily, because of this machine, I have been able to change this statement. While there are still limitations to my abilities, I have added a few basic items to my list of abilities. Here are a few of the things I have been able to add back into my life: -
sleeping: wow, I can sleep more than 2 hours at a time. I have actually made it 6 - hours a few times. - walking: I can now walk for a few hours out on a job site. Not fast, but I can do it. - cooking: So long as it is not a huge meal taking a long time, it has been fun. - stand up straight: you just never know how awesome that is until it is gone. - riding in a car: I can now ride to visit family. I pay for it but it can be done, plus less bathroom stops which thrills my husband. - play with grandkids
: I was able to take my 4 year old grandson to the park and hold his hand and catch him from the slide. This is just a short list of the things I have gotten back. I wish I could tell you that I am no longer having to take my medication to get through the day, but I still need it. The good news is that I there are actually days when I need it less. I am on narcotics and as you know, the stigma associated with them is not a pleasant consequence. I used to take them every 2 hours and on some days I can even go 6 to 8 hours. Hurrah! I have learned to take the small victories and not discount them because they are not a cure. Every step forward is a great one.

Before this machine, all I had were steps backward. My husband is a good at seeing how I am feeling and then telling the truth. He doesn't look for only the positive things like my Mom. She wants me to be cured so every time I have a good hour, I am getting better. She tends to be less realistic. The reason I am telling you this is so you can understand the value in this statement. He told me that before the machine, I would have maybe 1 good day for every 6 bad days. Lately I have had 3 good days for every 5 bad ones. Not an insignificant improvement I would say. I tend to use my machine more when I am having a bad day and I really need to remember to use it when I am having good days as well. I say this because the few times I have done that, I have noticed that the good days seem to last longer. It is because of this that I have purchased a second machine.

I feel like I am just going on and on about how happy I am about this machine and I wish I could express how helpful you have been with this entire process. Your contributions and dedication are very appreciated. We are blessed to have someone like you on our side. Thank you! I have one last thing to add. Your advise on how to make the patches last longer has been invaluable. I have not needed new patches since I purchased the machine. I don't know why, and I am not going to complain, but so far I have not met the spider (display sign showing time to change a patch). Hurrah! In addition I have used the machine on other pains I have had to deal with. There is a chance I have added gout to the list of challenges I get to enjoy. I put the machine on my foot and by morning the pain was gone. It has only come back once so I have not followed up with the doctor. Why do it, there is nothing they can do anyway. If this works, it is just one more medication I can avoid. Thanks again for all you have done and I look forward to hearing from you about the steps necessary to rush another miracle machine my way

 Carol Long (pseudonym), CA, 51, married, one son


My name is Carol Long. I am from the CA Central Valley and I am 51 years old. I am married with one son. I am a Stock Broker. I was diagnosed with Pudendal Nerve Entrapment 2 years ago but have suffered with pain for almost 4 years now.

Sitting is my biggest problem and unfortunately my career requires I do this quite a bit. I have struggled with constipation nearly my entire adult life. I have very low blood pressure and a nearly non existent metabolism. Weight has been a lifelong issue, although I would consider myself overweight and not obese. 5’4” 158 lbs. I currently take fiber each morning and will usually take Correctol in the evening. Constipation always aggravates my condition, so I do everything I can to avoid this.

I honestly am not sure what brought this on. All I know is that every aspect of my life has changed because of it. I have travelled 200 miles each way to UCLA 16 times. I have had 10 caudal injections and 6 CT guided nerve blocks. I do not do well with nerve pain medications and have never been at the full recommended dose. I do take Nortryptaline daily and Norco occasionally (when I am not working). I have also found that wearing loose fitting clothing is helpful. I have purchased a dozen or more cushions, Herman Miller chair etc.

This is an absolute nightmare and I have been willing to try most anything short of surgery to find some relief. I purchased a PainShield MD a few months ago after hearing about it on a Facebook support group. I seemed to experience less pain during my work day (my most difficult time) while wearing the device. I actually went as far as to purchase a second unit so I could wear it through my entire 10 hour workday. I wore the patch daily Monday through Friday over my buttock close to the site of the most acute pain. I used the PainShield for the 6 ½ hours until the battery ran out and then attached my second unit to help me get through the work day. Recently I have begun to experience more pain (it has never been completely gone) and have decided to take a break from the unit as I feel I may have become desensitized to it. I am hoping after a month or so that I will achieve the original results while wearing it again. (9/25/2014)

KevMed notes:
Dear Carol, thank you very much for this valuable feedback. We especially appreciate this information as part of our ongoing effort in finding the best treatment algorithm for PainShield® MD. A patient's condition may reverse or change for a variety of reasons, and we are keen to find out if these might include habituation. Based on your suggestion, it may be a good idea for other patients to begin reducing the frequency and length of treatment sessions as soon after achieving an effect as possible. We look forward to your continued feedback as you resume treatment with the PainShield MD after taking a few weeks off, and we wish you continued improvement.

 Tina P., 57

My name is Tina P., and I am fifty-seven years old. In the fall of 1995, I underwent a total hysterectomy to rid my body of severe endometriosis and hopefully move forward without pain. However, when the pain only intensified, I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis in early 1996. Even though I had been negotiating painful living prior to this time, these events marked the beginning of my journey to find real answers. In the beginning, I had to find ways to alleviate the pain in order to be functional. To my dismay, the allopathic community, including urologists, knew very little about interstitial cystitis and how to treat it. Elmiron was a new drug that had helped some patients, so I began that right away. Also, through my own research, I learned that a very small amount of Elavil, taken at night, was helpful for pain. I obtained that prescription from a family physician after explaining my situation.

While I was thankful for these medications, after several years of use, the side effects became too troublesome. I determined to find more holistic answers, and I discontinued the drugs. By this time, some natural supplements had been developed to accomplish what the Elmiron had been doing artificially. I began natural supplementation and was thrilled with the results for several years. Then, in about 2003, the pain level began to climb again. At this time, I was working full time and had gone back to school to pursue a degree in fine art. I just didn't have time to begin negotiating intense pain again.

One thing an IC patient learns early on is that what you eat affects your pain level. I had already learned what foods to avoid, but I was finding that new foods began to bother me. I started taking OTC Azo when the pain became too dominating. To make a long story shorter, I had to discontinue more and more foods as time went on. I saw physicians and healthcare professionals of many kinds, spending thousands on those covered by insurance and others outside the allopathic community. I read the latest literature on IC late into the night and also kept up with the latest information through online resources. By 2009, the year I completed my degree, I was experiencing relentless bladder pain, and many other symptoms were developing. This included extreme fatigue and fibromyalgia type pain. At that time, I decided to stop all my artistic pursuits and concentrate on getting well.

During the years since, I had to accept the fact that this disease process might eventually take my life. By 2013, my diet had dwindled to a few organic vegetables and meats. I experienced many ER visits in the middle of the night just to control pain. A urologist taught me to use bladder instillations at home and gave me a precription for narcotic suppositories to help keep me out of the expensive ER. As you might relate, I would get up in the morning wondering how to get through the day with this great amount of pain.

That same year, I read about PainShield MD on the IC-Network website. Due to the fact that I had spent so much money in the past, I was hesitant to purchase the unit. In the fall, after much encouragement from my husband, we ordered the ultrasound device. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a call from Dr. Wiseman, inquiring about my condition and how the PainShield unit might help. He informed me that I should experiment and apply the patch at different locations in order to achieve the most pain relief.

After the first few uses, I noticed a sense of calm in my body. I realized that the pain level had diminished. At this point, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness. This small development provided hope. I began to use the unit every night and then during the day for added effect. The ultrasound application was making a difference and without drugs!

During the past year, I began seeing a naturopath who is working with me on my highly allergic condition. She has been very supportive in my use of PainShield. When I feel the pain becoming unmanageable, I've been able to reach for the unit and know that by the end of the first cycle, my pain level will be calmer. In one instance, PainShield kept me out of the ER after the use of the narcotic failed to manage the pain. That event showed me just how effective the unit is.

Thank you, Dr. Wiseman and those at KevMed, for developing this technology. For me, it has been an answer to so much prayer. For me and others, thank you for caring about those who live with the challenges of daily pain. (9/26/2014)


Russell Parkison, CA

68, retired (disability) school teacher

My name is Russell Parkison from San Pedro, California. I am 68 years old and married. I am a retired (disability ) school teacher. I have suffered from adhesions and pain after 4 surgeries for GI bleeds 24 years ago and I have pain in the bowel and lower back.

It hurt after eating every meal no matter what diet measures I tried for years and years. I kind of normalized the pain as an ongoing thing.  I have tried all sorts of treatments including surgery/opioids/other drugs/TENS/etc., but since using PainShield MD, my pain in my abdomen has improved and I can now function fairly normal even though it is a diabetic diet .

I used the Pain Shield on a particular area of my abdomen for a couple of months about 4 to 6 hours, not thinking it would work, but had to give it a good try. As I got better and better, there was a lot of disbelief. I am so much better now, and the adhesions are very much reduced. As I am writing this, I am eating food that would have terrified me in the past. I have not had a blockage (which had been serious and semiannual) since using the PainShield. I have not used the Pain Shield on my abdomen lately, but I have used it on a broken vertebra (T12) and a separated rib with quite a bit of success. I taped it inside a neoprene back brace and it works great. (9/30/2014)


Sara, NC

27, single

My name is Sara from North Carolina. I am 27 years old and single. I have Down syndrome.  

I was diagnosed with IC/pelvic floor dysfunction pain more than 2 years ago after medically ruling out anything else that could be causing my pain.

I had pain in the bowel, bladder, and lower back areas. It hurt more when I urinated and had bowel movements, when I danced, exercised, consumed most food or drinks. I felt the need to urinate very frequently, which not only caused pain, but also disrupted my school and work schedules. My diet eventually became water, brown rice, flour tortillas, white fish, oatmeal crème, cookies & vanilla ice cream, because all other food and drinks brought me pain. I

I tried every treatment available to me, including surgery, distensions with medicine put into my bladder, oral medications, aloe vera capsules, physical therapy exercises and self massage with no real relief from them.

When using PainShield MD, my pain was much more tolerable, but was still there to different degrees every day until about a month ago. I usually wore my PainShield on my front lower abdominal areas, wherever I felt the pain the most, for 13-15 hours per day every day.

I no longer have to wear the PainShield, and I am totally free of pain. I am daily adding more and more food back to my diet without it causing any pain, and so far everything I eat of drink is working for me.

There were so many generous people who prayed for me to be relieved of this pain. I believe God led me to the PainShield to give me relief. I believe God is the one who healed me of my pain and do not know to what extent the ultra sound contributed to my healing, but I do know that it gave me great relief while I had the pain and would definitely recommend its use for IC and pelvic floor dysfunction pain.

 T. Markland, NM, 31

wife, mother of a pre-schooler

I am a 31 year old wife, mother and cosmetologist, and I was diagnosed with IC about a year and a half ago. I have been using the PainShield for about five months now, and I feel like it has really made a difference for me.

My IC [interstitial cystitis] seemed to come out of nowhere, and it took a devastating toll on my life. I was bedridden for about the first month and had to quit working. Parenting my toddler felt impossible.

I did gradually start to make some progress and feel somewhat better, as I cut out the foods I was sensitive to and did the ICdiet. I also worked on strengthening my crashed adrenals and learned to better manage my stress with yoga. Even though I was functioning again, I still felt miserable with my IC. I pretty much always felt I was in a flare despite an impeccable diet and taking all the usual IC meds. I only occasionally and randomly had "good" days.

I was determined to find a way to get to feeling better, and in my research, I came across the PainShield. After reading the testimonials, I decided to try it out. To me it was worth a shot, and I loved that it had the potential to help without being another awful medication!

It was hard to tell at first how much of an impact it would have, but after the two-week trial, I did think it was making a little bit of a difference, so I decided to keep it and see what it would do over time. I knew it was helping because I first stared to have more "better" days, and then I began to notice that my flares (which were very frequent) would resolve much faster.

I wear the PainShield over my sacrum every night while I sleep. To me it seems like it just calms my nerves in my pelvic region and in my bladder. I tend to wake up feeling better in the morning after wearing it all night. Now that it has been five months of wearing it every night, my IC is feeling much more under control. I usually have good IC days (meaning I don't experience constant pain and don't feel the need to urinate as often). It is now rare for me to flare up like before. I still follow the IC diet, but I don't seem to be as sensitive to foods as I once was. I was able to eat peaches this summer, and I can sneak a little spice here and there.

I am so happy to be feeling better. Not constantly feeling miserable is such a huge relief! It's like I have been released from IC prison! LOL!

I will add that I began pelvic floor physical therapy about 6 weeks after I started using the PainShield, and I do believe that the PT has helped me also. (I did, however, notice a positive change in how I felt in the 6 weeks before I stared PT just using the PainShield.) The combination of the two therapies has been really effective for me. Birgit has informed me that it is believed that this device and PT go really well together--that the PainShield seems to prolong the effects of the PT session. I hope my experience is encouraging to you, and I hope that you find your path to regaining your well-being!!! 

Loretta Holscher, 68
Tonka Bay, MN
Retired real estate professional

My name is Loretta Holscher from Tonka Bay, MN. I am a 68 year old woman married to the same man for nearly 45 years. We have 3 adult children. In early winter late in 2011 I was coming out of a house in the late evening after a fun night of Bunko with friends. It had been raining and the rain had just turned to snow. As I came out the door of the covered entry, my feet touched the walk way briefly, I slipped and landed directly on my butt on the ice covered concrete sidewalk.

In the weeks and months following I gradually experienced more and more pain, until I could no longer sit without pain. I was diagnosed with vulvodynia. Thinking there was something else going on, I researched the internet and found that Pudendal Neuralgia matched my symptoms perfectly. I found Dr Stanley Antolak and he confirmed the diagnosis. I had three bilateral pudendal blocks and little if any relief. I asked Dr Antolak what else could be done and his answer was more blocks or surgery. Not happy with the prospect of surgery, I proceeded on my journey to find relief through alternative means. I had to quit my real estate career, a huge loss for me. I could no longer focus and drive for prolonged periods of time. During my search for wellness, I was hospitalized twice, with adverse drug reactions to control the pain. I never experienced high blood pressure in my life and am now on blood pressure medication.

My goal was minimally invasive means. I found a Physical Therapist that did internal pelvic therapy. I saw her 6 times and had to drive an hour each way to see her. She was a kind compassionate soul, but my relief was temporary. I tried cold laser therapy and had about 8 treatments, again with minimal results. I then headed off to try Calmare therapy in Rhode Island. A wonderful clinic, the experience was worthwhile, with just minimal results again. I then sought out Prolotherapy, for the first time after a bilateral pudendal block I had 3 days pain free, I was exuberant. The pain returned after further treatment and I headed for some rest in Florida with my husband.

While in Florida, I had massage therapy and 10 accupuncture treatments. In the mean time I spent time on the closed Facebook Group for people who have Pudendal Neuralgia. One participant mentioned the PainShield, I thought I would give it a try. Hope Springs Eternal! To my surprise, using the PainShield in combination with a muscle relaxer, I got relief. I was able to have a social life again and had some pain free time with friends.

The PainShield works best for me situated on the right side of my sacrum for the full 6 hours. I am at the point now, where I only need to wear it when my pain is elevated. Having a resource such as the PainShield has been a life saver and gives me hope that someday I may become pain free again.

Danny, 53


My name is Danny from Washington State. I am 53 years old and married. My work requires me to sit or stand for long periods. I have suffered with pelvic and prostatic pain for about two years involving pain on sitting and urinating. For an extended period of time I was immobilized in a recliner. My pelvic and genital region was so affected that it was painful for anything to touch that area. I could not even place a laptop there or sit upright for longer than a minute before it would elicit a reaction that involved heart palpitations and extreme pain. My doctors have likened this to a “panic attack” without the emotional aspect.

I have pelvic floor hyper tonicity with muscle spasms and multiple trigger points. I was previously prescribed antibiotics for a presumptive UTI or prostate infection, but they did not help. Worse, they elicited an arthritis and joint edema which still persists even though I have stopped taking them.  

About a year ago I was diagnosed with non-bacterial prostatitis. I have been using PainShield MD for about 4 months. When I use the device, my pain subsides and there is no pain on touch or urination. I still have upright sitting intolerance but am now able to work for long periods in a semi-reclined position in an office chair, which I could not do before using the PainShield MD. I do not suffer from the severe heart palpitations which had once required me to go to the ER.

Although I still do not drive long distances, I am now able to drive short distances with some difficulty. In terms of my work, I am now able to be 100% productive, whereas before using the PainShield MD the intense pain often made it difficult to concentrate. I had been prescribed pain and anti-depressant medications (to reduce nerve sensitivity) and had even filled the prescription, but I was fearful of taking these drugs. With PainShield MD I have kept off these medications and avoided their side effects as well as the $50 a month of costs. Before PainShield MD, I was getting up 1-2 times a night to urinate. Wearing the device overnight, I sleep much more soundly, plus it obviates the sense of urgency that I would normally have with needing to void when I awake in the middle of the night. I have no sense of urgency whatsoever. Amazing. I now usually sleep through the night.

I wear the patch in the area between my groin and my thigh on either side. I have found PT tape very useful to help keep it in place. I make sure to place the tape first on the patch before placing it flat on my skin. I use a hydrating body lotion about 45 minutes before using the PainShield MD to keep the skin intact and hydrated. I remove excess lotion with a little isopropyl alcohol.  I could tell with confidence after only a single day with the device that it is game changing with respect to my pain. I am just so pleased and grateful to have it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Danny (5/6/15)

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