Danny, 53 from Washington: Pelvic pain, non-bacterial prostatitis, sitting pain, pain on urination, pelvic floor hypertonicity, genital pain, trigger points

My name is Danny from Washington State. I am 53 years old and married. My work requires me to sit or stand for long periods. I have suffered with pelvic and prostatic pain for about two years involving pain on sitting and urinating. For an extended period of time I was immobilized in a recliner. My pelvic and genital region was so affected that it was painful for anything to touch that area. I could not even place a laptop there or sit upright for longer than a minute before it would elicit a reaction that involved heart palpitations and extreme pain. My doctors have likened this to a “panic attack” without the emotional aspect.

I have pelvic floor hyper tonicity with muscle spasms and multiple trigger points. I was previously prescribed antibiotics for a presumptive UTI or prostate infection, but they did not help. Worse, they elicited an arthritis and joint edema which still persists even though I have stopped taking them.

About a year ago I was diagnosed with non-bacterial prostatitis. I have been using PainShield MD for about 4 months. When I use the device, my pain subsides and there is no pain on touch or urination. I still have upright sitting intolerance but am now able to work for long periods in a semi-reclined position in an office chair, which I could not do before using the PainShield MD. I do not suffer from the severe heart palpitations which had once required me to go to the ER.

Although I still do not drive long distances, I am now able to drive short distances with some difficulty. In terms of my work, I am now able to be 100% productive, whereas before using the PainShield MD the intense pain often made it difficult to concentrate. I had been prescribed pain and anti-depressant medications (to reduce nerve sensitivity) and had even filled the prescription, but I was fearful of taking these drugs. With PainShield MD I have kept off these medications and avoided their side effects as well as the $50 a month of costs. Before PainShield MD, I was getting up 1-2 times a night to urinate. Wearing the device overnight, I sleep much more soundly, plus it obviates the sense of urgency that I would normally have with needing to void when I awake in the middle of the night. I have no sense of urgency whatsoever. Amazing. I now usually sleep through the night.

I wear the patch in the area between my groin and my thigh on either side. I have found PT tape very useful to help keep it in place. I make sure to place the tape first on the patch before placing it flat on my skin. I use a hydrating body lotion about 45 minutes before using the PainShield MD to keep the skin intact and hydrated. I remove excess lotion with a little isopropyl alcohol. I could tell with confidence after only a single day with the device that it is game changing with respect to my pain. I am just so pleased and grateful to have it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Danny (5/6/15)

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