T. Markland, 31 from New Mexico: Interstitial cystitis, pelvic pain

I am a 31 year old wife, mother and cosmetologist, and I was diagnosed with IC about a year and a half ago. I have been using the PainShield for about five months now, and I feel like it has really made a difference for me.

My IC [interstitial cystitis] seemed to come out of nowhere, and it took a devastating toll on my life. I was bedridden for about the first month and had to quit working. Parenting my toddler felt impossible.

I did gradually start to make some progress and feel somewhat better, as I cut out the foods I was sensitive to and did the ICdiet. I also worked on strengthening my crashed adrenals and learned to better manage my stress with yoga. Even though I was functioning again, I still felt miserable with my IC. I pretty much always felt I was in a flare despite an impeccable diet and taking all the usual IC meds. I only occasionally and randomly had "good" days.

I was determined to find a way to get to feeling better, and in my research, I came across the PainShield. After reading the testimonials, I decided to try it out. To me it was worth a shot, and I loved that it had the potential to help without being another awful medication!

It was hard to tell at first how much of an impact it would have, but after the two-week trial, I did think it was making a little bit of a difference, so I decided to keep it and see what it would do over time. I knew it was helping because I first stared to have more "better" days, and then I began to notice that my flares (which were very frequent) would resolve much faster.

I wear the PainShield over my sacrum every night while I sleep. To me it seems like it just calms my nerves in my pelvic region and in my bladder. I tend to wake up feeling better in the morning after wearing it all night. Now that it has been five months of wearing it every night, my IC is feeling much more under control. I usually have good IC days (meaning I don't experience constant pain and don't feel the need to urinate as often). It is now rare for me to flare up like before. I still follow the IC diet, but I don't seem to be as sensitive to foods as I once was. I was able to eat peaches this summer, and I can sneak a little spice here and there.

I am so happy to be feeling better. Not constantly feeling miserable is such a huge relief! It's like I have been released from IC prison! LOL!

I will add that I began pelvic floor physical therapy about 6 weeks after I started using the PainShield, and I do believe that the PT has helped me also. (I did, however, notice a positive change in how I felt in the 6 weeks before I stared PT just using the PainShield.) The combination of the two therapies has been really effective for me. Birgit has informed me that it is believed that this device and PT go really well together--that the PainShield seems to prolong the effects of the PT session. I hope my experience is encouraging to you, and I hope that you find your path to regaining your well-being!!! (July 2015)

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