Harold Gopin, 60, Jerusalem, Israel: Adhesions, pelvic pain, abdominal pain, opioid - induced constipation, back pain, painful defecation

Contractor, retired due to disability

Dear Dr. Wiseman: When I first purchased the KevMed Pain Shield, I was skeptical about whether it would actually work in relieving my back pain. I can honestly say that over the last number of months I can only recommend this appliance wholeheartedly.
I have suffered with debilitating back pain for over 10 years due to work related injury and have had three operations on my neck, including fusions. I have chronic and severe abdominal pain and have had at least five abdominal surgeries for bowel obstruction due to adhesions stemming from an appendix operation many years ago.
I have been taking opioids and other prescription pain medications but only sometimes do they take the edge off the pain. Of course they make me constipated which makes the abdominal pain even worse. Because of the constipation, going to the bathroom is extremely painful.
I place PainShield MD in the lower back area and also in the appendix area. I've cut down on my meds/narcotics tremendously and the pain level in my spinal cord has been reduced. My abdominal pain is much reduced and because I can cut down my narcotics, I can visit the bathroom more regularly, with much less pain.
Unfortunately, I can't say it takes away all my pain, for example in my legs, but considering the pain levels I was experiencing, this appliance has reduced the spinal and abdominal pain immensely and I am a lot more comfortable during the day, allowing me to read and study.
I've learned now to use the Pain Shield MD at night so I can get a comfortable night's sleep (which until this point I would not get a full night's sleep), and as we all know sleep has an important place in one's overall health.
I thank God that I was able to learn about this product and that I was able to use it. Thank you again for this wonderful machine and with God's help your company will be able to help many others.
Sincerely, Harold Gopin (1/7/14)

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