Loretta Holscher, 68 from Tonka Bay, MN: Pelvic pain, vulvodynia, pudendal neuralgia, sitting pain

My name is Loretta Holscher from Tonka Bay, MN. I am a 68 year old woman married to the same man for nearly 45 years. We have 3 adult children. In early winter late in 2011 I was coming out of a house in the late evening after a fun night of Bunko with friends. It had been raining and the rain had just turned to snow. As I came out the door of the covered entry, my feet touched the walk way briefly, I slipped and landed directly on my butt on the ice covered concrete sidewalk.

In the weeks and months following I gradually experienced more and more pain, until I could no longer sit without pain. I was diagnosed with vulvodynia. Thinking there was something else going on, I researched the internet and found that Pudendal Neuralgia matched my symptoms perfectly. I found Dr Stanley Antolak and he confirmed the diagnosis. I had three bilateral pudendal blocks and little if any relief. I asked Dr Antolak what else could be done and his answer was more blocks or surgery. Not happy with the prospect of surgery, I proceeded on my journey to find relief through alternative means. I had to quit my real estate career, a huge loss for me. I could no longer focus and drive for prolonged periods of time. During my search for wellness, I was hospitalized twice, with adverse drug reactions to control the pain. I never experienced high blood pressure in my life and am now on blood pressure medication.

My goal was minimally invasive means. I found a Physical Therapist that did internal pelvic therapy. I saw her 6 times and had to drive an hour each way to see her. She was a kind compassionate soul, but my relief was temporary. I tried cold laser therapy and had about 8 treatments, again with minimal results. I then headed off to try Calmare therapy in Rhode Island. A wonderful clinic, the experience was worthwhile, with just minimal results again. I then sought out Prolotherapy, for the first time after a bilateral pudendal block I had 3 days pain free, I was exuberant. The pain returned after further treatment and I headed for some rest in Florida with my husband.

While in Florida, I had massage therapy and 10 accupuncture treatments. In the mean time I spent time on the closed Facebook Group for people who have Pudendal Neuralgia. One participant mentioned the PainShield, I thought I would give it a try. Hope Springs Eternal! To my surprise, using the PainShield in combination with a muscle relaxer, I got relief. I was able to have a social life again and had some pain free time with friends.

The PainShield works best for me situated on the right side of my sacrum for the full 6 hours. I am at the point now, where I only need to wear it when my pain is elevated. Having a resource such as the PainShield has been a life saver and gives me hope that someday I may become pain free again.

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