Ann, 51 from Georgia: Adhesions, post hysterectomy, constipation, chronic pelvic pain, chronic abdominal pain

I am a 51 year old female who has being dealing with my adhesions for over 20 years. I think it important that anyone looking into the PainShield MD know what kind of symptoms I have so they may be able to relate, or not….My “condition” is due to genetics and too many GYN surgeries. When I had my hysterectomy my intestines fell into my pelvic cavity which isn’t rare but my intestines then stuck to themselves and my pelvic and abdominal walls. After years of doctors I was properly diagnosed and have had three surgeries necessary to remove the adhesions, the first time because I could no longer eat solid foods-you don’t want details, the second time was due to a total bowel obstruction followed with a bowel resection and the third due to extreme weight loss and my electrolytes were terribly off and all diagnostic test showed nothing wrong. When the surgeon got in I had extreme and dense adhesions: pelvic and abdominal.

Since my last surgery in 2009 I have been on multiple medications such as Neurontin and Ultram but nothing stronger due to poor GI motility. I do have pelvic and abdominal chronic pain and had to deal with constipation every day of my life but not anymore. It was a revelation to me after three days of using the PainShield MD I realized I was getting up every morning and having a bowel movement ! That may not sound like much to some but it was a first for me in twenty years!

During the first two weeks or so of use I had a lot of “tugging and pulling” internally but I assume that was my intestines trying to function “normally”, most of that sensation has gone. This change in bowel habits alleviated some of the pain in my pelvic cavity. I have been using the Pain Shield MD for about 6 weeks and I believe I have found a regime that works for me in reducing some more of the pain and am going to try reducing my Ultram slowly with my Doctor’s knowledge and consent,and see how far I can get. I “experimented” with the use of the PainShield MD regarding location, duration and association with meals and it took some time but I think I have found the best method for me. Unfortunately I have found the PainShieldMD only effective while on but hope for some residual relief if my intestines can learn to work more properly. I found using the adhesive patch a bit cumbersome and prefer to affix it with sports tape instead, allowing me to move the patch around more easily.

If someone asked me if they should give PainShield MD a try due to years of chronic pain remotely similar to mine I would say yes, I couldn’t imagine not giving something a try that may give relief; regret is a terrible thing. Ann / Georgia, USA

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