Carol (pseudonym), 51 from California: Pudendal nerve entrapment, constipation

My name is Carol Long. I am from the CA Central Valley and I am 51 years old. I am married with one son. I am a Stock Broker. I was diagnosed with Pudendal Nerve Entrapment 2 years ago but have suffered with pain for almost 4 years now.

Sitting is my biggest problem and unfortunately my career requires I do this quite a bit. I have struggled with constipation nearly my entire adult life. I have very low blood pressure and a nearly non existent metabolism. Weight has been a lifelong issue, although I would consider myself overweight and not obese. 5’4” 158 lbs. I currently take fiber each morning and will usually take Correctol in the evening. Constipation always aggravates my condition, so I do everything I can to avoid this.

I honestly am not sure what brought this on. All I know is that every aspect of my life has changed because of it. I have travelled 200 miles each way to UCLA 16 times. I have had 10 caudal injections and 6 CT guided nerve blocks. I do not do well with nerve pain medications and have never been at the full recommended dose. I do take Nortryptaline daily and Norco occasionally (when I am not working). I have also found that wearing loose fitting clothing is helpful. I have purchased a dozen or more cushions, Herman Miller chair etc.

This is an absolute nightmare and I have been willing to try most anything short of surgery to find some relief. I purchased a PainShield MD a few months ago after hearing about it on a Facebook support group. I seemed to experience less pain during my work day (my most difficult time) while wearing the device. I actually went as far as to purchase a second unit so I could wear it through my entire 10 hour workday. I wore the patch daily Monday through Friday over my buttock close to the site of the most acute pain. I used the PainShield for the 6 ½ hours until the battery ran out and then attached my second unit to help me get through the work day. Recently I have begun to experience more pain (it has never been completely gone) and have decided to take a break from the unit as I feel I may have become desensitized to it. I am hoping after a month or so that I will achieve the original results while wearing it again. (9/25/2014)

KevMed notes:
Dear Carol, thank you very much for this valuable feedback. We especially appreciate this information as part of our ongoing effort in finding the best treatment algorithm for PainShield® MD. A patient's condition may reverse or change for a variety of reasons, and we are keen to find out if these might include habituation. Based on your suggestion, it may be a good idea for other patients to begin reducing the frequency and length of treatment sessions as soon after achieving an effect as possible. We look forward to your continued feedback as you resume treatment with the PainShield MD after taking a few weeks off, and we wish you continued improvement.

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