How do I use PainShield® MD ? - Operating Instructions

1. The control unit must first be charged with the charger provided. Please disconnect the patch while charging.

2. Carefully cut open the foil pouch containing the patch. Keep the pouch to store the patch between uses.

3. Connect the patch to the grey lead from the driver using the snap connectors. It does not matter which connector connects to which terminal on the patch.

4. Gently peel the patch backing sheet and store in the pouch.

5. Clean and dry the skin over the painful area. If necessary shave the area to help patch removal later. Make sure the area is free of wounds or other lesions. Please do not apply ultrasound gel.

6. Place the center of the patch over or just next to the painful area. You will need to experiment a little to find the best location for the patch for your circumstances. For pelvic pain and related conditions you may want to try the area over the bladder, the suprapubic region, and the lower left or right quadrants. Some patients have found relief by placing the patch over the sacral bone, usually 1-2" (2.5 - 5cm) either side of the midline and about 1-2" (2.5 - 5cm) above the top of the buttock cleavage. You may also change the patch position during treatment if you wish.

7. Switch on the unit by holding the power button down for about two seconds. The unit will initialize.

 Replace the patch if this icon appears in the display

8. The display will begin showing the progress of the treatment. The unit runs for 6 cycles consisting of an ACTIVE period of 30 minutes and an IDLE period of 30 minutes, for a total of 6-6.5 hours.

9. When first using the device, run it for 1-2 hours to make sure that you do not experience any unusual effects.  If you do, switch off the device, remove it and contact your medical professional.

10. When the treatment is over, the PainShield will turn OFF automatically, or you may switch it OFF before the full 6.5 hours session ends, by holding the power button for about 2 seconds. The unit will power down

11. Gently remove the patch from the skin. Moisten the sticky area of the patch with water, replace protective
backing sheet and store the pouch it in its original package.

Please also see the full prescribing and instructions or use here.